Shadowgun Legends by Madfinger Games
developed in Brno, Czech Republic

Mafia III by Hangar 13
developed in Brno, Czech Republic

Vigor by Bohemia Interactive
developed in Brno, Czech Republic
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Meet the Studios

Brno is the home of worldwide successful developers like Madfinger Games, Bohemia Interactive, Hangar 13, GIANTS Software, BadFly Interactive and others. Mobile, PC or consoles - we do all of them!


Play the Games

Critically acclaimed IP's like Mafia, Hidden & Dangerous, Shadowgun or Vietcong were born in Brno. Many ambitious gaming projects are starting every moment here. Be the one behind them!


Enjoy the Shows

Only after 6 editions, with more than 2000 game developers and 30 000 players on one event - Game Access is one of the most progressive gamedev events in Europe!

Game Access

Be the Community

We believe that a strong community is the key. Monthly meetups in a friendly atmoshpere, beers with colleagues, gamejams or sport events are a thing here.