GameDev Area Meetup #34
Meetup  |     07.11.2018   |   18:30   |   Music Lab, Opletalova 1, Brno


Come to another edition of the regular GameDev Area Meetups in Brno, check out a talk from Ben McCulloch and chat with your colleagues from the game industry by a glass of beer in a friendly atmoshpere. The admission is free.

18:30 START
19:00 SHOWREEL of released / announced games
19:10 TOPIC: Ben McCulloch - The Power of Voice - How to Create Unique Characters

The voice is the one of the most direct mediums to communicate with players and get an emotional or logical response. It is also a great way to create characters. How do we choose actors, prepare for recording and then get the recordings? What is voice design? What about the future? These are the subjects I will cover in my talk.

BIO: Benjamin McCulloch is a sound engineer from Scotland. He has experience with audio for AAA games, indie games, Hollywood movies, television for HBO, National Geographic and Canal+ and localization for the world's biggest software and hardware companies. He created sound design for Jan Zeleny's Mashinky, Pustina tv series for Czech HBO, recorded ADR with Sean Bean for The Martian and edited sound and music for a series of commercials which won the Palm D'Ors at Cannes. He now lives in Brno.


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